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Leading Courageously
and Releasing your Inner Critic

Group Coaching Circle
for BIPOC women and nonbinary leaders
9.11.24 - 11.20.24

Do you struggle with an internal narrative that inflates minor mistakes and undermines your successes? Do anxious thoughts that you will be exposed as being out of your depth or not as good as your colleagues nag at you?  Or do you drive yourself beyond exhaustion, believing that you have to be twice as good as your more privileged peers just to keep your head above water?

When we battle with a harsh inner judge and neglect our wellbeing as a result, we are more vulnerable to external pressures and less resilient in the face of microaggressions and toxic workplace dynamics.

Are you ready to release your inner critic, treat yourself with compassion and encouragement, and step into your brilliance and power as a leader? Join a supportive community of like-minded leaders in a virtual group coaching circle as Chinyere Oparah guides you through a collective liberatory process to get free from internal and external critics, so that you can lead with courage, confidence and power.

Dates and Times:

Wednesday 9.11.24 3-5pm PT, 6-8pm ET

Wednesday 9.25.24 3-4.30pm PT, 6-7.30pm ET

Wednesday 10.9.24 3-4.30pm PT, 6-7.30pm ET

Wednesday 10.23.24 3-4.30pm PT, 6-7.30pm ET

Wednesday 11.6 3-4.30pm PT, 6-7.30pm ET

Wednesday 11.6 3-4.30pm PT, 6-7.30pm ET

Admission to Leading Courageously is by application only. We ask that you complete a short application form so that we can ensure that all participants are committed to showing up powerfully for themselves and others. Once we have reviewed your application, we will be in touch within 10 working days to invite you to join or ask for more information. 

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