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Photo of Chinyere Oparah, a Black woman in a dark red suit standing in front of trees and smiling vibrantly into the camera

Unleashing the transformative power of liberated leaders

Be your best self

Do your best work

Live your best life

The Challenge

What needs liberating in your life?

Now more than ever, our society needs bold, equitable, humanizing leadership. And yet, all around us we see passionate, transformational leaders facing backlash, micro-aggressions and burn out. The work of meaningful change is just too hard when we are under-resourced and isolated.

What We Do

What if you were free to do your best work?

We connect, resource and develop leaders who are driving change in their organizations and communities. From game-changing strategic thought-partnership, to the Unleashed! virtual community and the FreeToLead blog, our offerings are dedicated to liberating YOUR leadership. Experience the unconditional support of a seasoned leader and executive coach who gets you, and is passionate about your success. Embrace the solidarity of like-minded leaders who are creating new rules of engagement, and infusing their work lives with wellness, passion and purpose!

Our Approach

What would help you to be your best self?

We know that the leaders we work with have within them everything they need to succeed and to thrive. We believe that doing great work is not supposed to be all grind and no joy. We help you to leverage your strengths, creativity and inner yearnings in order to do your best work and live your best life. Whether you are focusing on succeeding in your current role, elevating your impact or transitioning to something new, we empower you to take bold, future-focused actions and to access your creative and joyful inner leader.

Book an introductory consultation

Ready to explore further? Let's talk about whether executive coaching could help you to meet critical goals, transcend obstacles, get unstuck and take back your life. Sign up for a free introduction to coaching today.

On your best day, you have clarity, vision and purpose. You inspire and encourage those around you. You're a change-agent who is making a real difference. You're unstoppable!


Then there are other days when you feel overstretched and overwhelmed, when you get bogged down in turf wars, and when you lose sight of the joy that once inspired your career. 

What is getting between your leadership ideal and your daily reality? Coaching offers a confidential and supportive space for leaders to reflect on their goals, challenges, and strategic choices. It can help you to show up more authentically and impactfully, become more resilient and confident, and handle conflict and difficult relationships more effectively.

Click below for common topics: Overcoming overwhelm and burnout Dealing with conflict Workload and wellness Difficult colleagues Dealing with conflict Strategy development Building an innovative, equitable culture Executive presence and influencing others Overcoming overwhelm and burnout Managing "up"  Leading during crisis and change Building a high functioning team Communicating a powerful message Imposter syndrome Prioritization and time management Succession planning Leading during mergers and acquisitions Career transitions

A black woman and a Latina in professional attire are talking in an animated fashion

Our executive coaching uses assessments, dashboards and toolkits to help you make game-changing progress on issues such as:

Career transitions

Success in a new role

Overcoming overwhelm and burnout

Leading during crisis and change

Dealing with conflict

Strategy development

Building an innovative, equitable culture

Executive presence and influencing others

Managing "up" 

Building a powerbase

Building a high functioning team

High performance culture

Imposter syndrome

Maintaining mission during budget reductions

Organizational restructuring

Personal brand

Prioritization and time management

Business tactics and strategy

Succession planning

Leading during mergers and acquisitions

I'm excited to walk on this journey with you!


If you would benefit from having a trusted strategic thought-partner, providing unwavering support and pushing you to do your best work, please get in touch.

Executive Coaching

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Welcome to Unleashed! a vibrant and inclusive online community dedicated to developing and connecting liberated leaders. Our platform is designed to bring together individuals who are dedicated to building equitable, humanizing workplaces, and freeing themselves from limiting beliefs and systemic barriers, Whether you're a new or seasoned leader, Unleashed! is your haven for connection, inspiration, and growth.

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Meet Our Founder

Innovator, equity-advocate, seasoned leader

Julia "Chinyere" Oparah is a transformational leader, educator, executive coach and intellectual who is passionate about supporting leaders to achieve professional success and personal joy. With over 30 years of experience in leadership roles in higher education and the non-profit sector including the C-Suite, Chinyere brings extensive experience of managing change in volatile contexts, building high-performance, high-trust teams, creating engaged and equitable workplace and campus climates, developing actionable strategic plans and leading during organizational restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.  

A National Equity Project fellow, member of the Center for Executive Education and graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Managing and Leading in Education certificate program, Chinyere is trained in liberatory design principles that empower stakeholders to imagine and build new futures. She draws on mindfulness and humanizing values to nourish sustainable work cultures that foster wellness, resilience and joy.

Chinyere’s internationally recognized scholarship reflects a lifelong commitment to antiracism and social justice. She is a powerful, engaging and emotionally intelligent speaker and facilitator, who engages and inspires diverse audiences with thought-provoking content, practical hands-on strategies and innovative solutions.

A photo of Chinyere Oparah in a lavender suit seated in nature and smiling into the camera
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What is the Center for Liberated Leadership?

Our mission is to unleash the power, passion and inner wisdom of transformative leaders, so that they can do their best work and live their best lives. We help nontraditional and equity-oriented leaders feel connected and courageous.

Our members have access to a community of like-minded leaders, a platform to share resources and a strategic thought-partner who has their back–unconditionally.

The Center for Liberated Leadership is an emerging platform and we welcome your feedback, suggestions and participation. 

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